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Our practice specializes in both therapeutic and sport massage. Formerly Jenn Sommermann and Associates, BodyCare of Wellesley has been helping area residents and resident athletes relieve pain, recover from injury, and manage stress for over twenty years.

We are professionally and internationally trained, multilingual, and providing the best therapeutic massage, muscular therapy, and pain relief for the Boston and Wellesley area. Call us for an appointment.

Excerpt from a review in the Wellesley-Weston Magazine:

"...Stefanie Gray greets clients in her neat-as-a-pin waiting room at BodyCare of Wellesley. The floor is freshly swept, the glass sparkles, and there’s a comprehensive health questionnaire she asks new clients to answer placed on a wicker chair. German-born Gray is also neat, friendly, and confident. There is no question during the brief pre-massage interview as to whether or not she knows what she is doing."  (more)

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